A woman wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Scooter vs Motorcycle

Scooter vs Motorcycle When choosing your ride, you could never go wrong with picking a good motorcycle. However, every good motorcycle has a competing motor scooter that offers features you normally can’t find in standard motorcycle models. To answer the … Read More

A red motorcycle with the Honda logo, showcasing the history of Honda motorcycles.

History of Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles are well known in the United States for being a quality and reliable manufacturer of motorcycle engines and transmissions. In addition, they are also recognized as a top producer of sports motorcycles. But what is the history of … Read More

Harley davidson logo on a Honda motorcycle.

The History of Harley Davidson

The history of Harley Davidson motorcycles dates back to the birth of this iconic manufacturer. There is a story that the company was started with a man called Bob Thaves. He owned a bicycle shop in California and he decided … Read More


Springtime in Daytona Beach

Daytona Bike Week is held every year in the month of June. It is a time for hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, and even more people who just like to go fast to hit the beach. This year marks … Read More