What is So Special about the Sturgis Motorbike Rally?

The Strugis Motorcycle Rally is an all-out biker rally that is held every year in the Black Hills and also in Sturgis, South Dakota. It was started in 1938 by a small group of Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts and was initially held for experimental races and stunts. Later on it was made a category race for the motorcyclists of the world and today it is celebrated for its magnificent scenic beauty and grandeur. The rallies have been made more exciting and thrilling with the inclusion of faster and more powerful bikes and even the tracks have been modified to include the chic and sophisticated tracks and roads. The rallies have also become a part of the USA’s biker culture.

Strugis Motorcycle Rally

The Strugis Motorcycle Rally is the most famous touring rally in the world. It has helped to popularize the world of motorbikes and even the sport of rally racing. The event is organized by the famous KTM Company. Since then there are many other touring companies which participate in this race and do their best to outdo each other. Every year there are different winners and this makes the Rally an unforgettable event for the viewers. Each company or rider try to outdo the others in terms of speed, performance and design.

The Strugis Motorcycle Rally has stages that can be used for biking and racing. The stage consists of a loop with a large finish where the bike has to cross over the finish line. The race starts with the rider starting from the back and then the bike has to cross over the finish line in the front. The bike has to follow the route laid down by the rally officials and also stay below the minimum speed.

There are also some rally fanatics who like to have the chance of taking part in the rally events. For this they visit the Sturgis Motorbike Rally events which are held on a regular basis. They like to watch the events from the stands which are set very close to the action. They also get to see the race team perform and sometimes they even get a chance to watch the motorbike rally races being done by professionals.

The Sturgis Motorbike Rally has been going on since 1960 and till date it is one of the most looked after bike rallies. There are certain countries that organize these motorbike rallies and they also provide for some very special days when the teams of the rally attempt to take to the streets for some testing sessions. The fans of the rally can also participate in these tests and help the motorbike rally teams to improve their speed and performance. In fact in some of the countries the fans are actually allowed to sit on the motorbike rally wagons as they do all the driving and riding of the bikes!