The History of Harley Davidson

The history of Harley Davidson motorcycles dates back to the birth of this iconic manufacturer. There is a story that the company was started with a man called Bob Thaves. He owned a bicycle shop in California and he decided that he wanted to start his own business. His plan was to make custom choppers for people who were looking for something different, but he didn’t have any experience in the area. So his friends helped him to get his idea off the ground, and in a short time he had started his business.

Harley Davidson started out as just a company in their own right, but they soon moved to produce their own models. When they began to build their own bikes, they started by selling just the accessories. But over time they expanded their line of accessories to include parts and clothing as well. In addition to this, they started developing their own brand of merchandise – shoes, boots, jewelry and apparel. Their reputation soon spread across the world and their bikes were becoming much more popular than ever.

The company continued to grow and expand as years passed. In the late nineteen sixties, they introduced the first model of bike with a sleeker, sportier look. It was called the HDC, which stood for High-Density Convertible Couple. This model was very successful, and soon after they brought out a sportier version of it – the HDP. This time, the company added a tank and changed the color to black and made it with a shorter top speed. The result was an even more attractive and stylish bike.

By the seventies, Harley Davidson motorcycles were all the rage, and they began building even more affordable, stylish models. They even began building Harleys that were suitable for women – without the tank. All of this changed when they began manufacturing Harley Davidson sport bikes. These bikes went great with racing, and many of them were designed specifically for that purpose. Soon, the company began producing Harleys for every kind of rider and type of vehicle – beginning with those who wanted a traditional motorcycle to ride around the track.

With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, the company continues to grow and produce high quality, stylish bikes today. Today, many people consider Harley Davidson motorcycles to be a symbol of freedom and prestige. Of course, these are just a few of the reasons why they have become such a popular company and why so many people love to own a Harley.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Harley Davidson, or any other type of Harley Davidson motorcycles, then you should definitely check out the official Harley Davidson website. There, you will find valuable information about the company, including information about the company, its relationships with other companies, and even pictures of bikes and memorabilia. The site also has a large archive of articles written by various individuals who have had the privilege of owning one of Harley’s motorcycles. While you can certainly learn a lot about the company and the history of Harley Davidson motorcycles through the official website, it is important to remember that this is only a company website – not an official history of Harley Davidson.