Visiting the History of Ducati Motorcycles

For a long time now, Ducati bikes have been dominating the road racing scene. With its stylish and powerful racing machine, it’s no surprise why they’re leading the way in the sport. The same is true for this Italian motorcycle maker which has been producing Italian sports bikes for more than 50 years. One of the most famous models is the Diavath model which is well loved by fans across the world. A short history of Ducati bikes will help you understand why you should insure yours with this company.

History of Ducati motorcycles

The brand started out in Bologna, Italy in 1938. Known as “Duca,” it had a very humble beginning as a humble business. During World War II, it received a contract from the British to produce motorcycles to be used by the Royal Air Force. With the war over, the company continued to grow and was even granted an advanced designation of the “Majesty.” The new emblem and new logo adopted by Ducati Motor Corporation during the 1970s helped it gain more recognition and fame.

The company quickly realized that if it maintained the prestige it had during the war, it would also attract customers who wished to purchase motorcycles. The laurel wreath and the red bologna were two symbols that conveyed the success story of the company had achieved during that period. By keeping these two trademarks, Ducati Motor Corporation was able to maintain its reputation as the top motorcycle maker in the motorcycle industry. A short history of Ducati bikes will show how these two elements have grown to be part of the company’s identity.

As mentioned earlier, the two trademarks that comprise the “Ducati” emblem are the laurel wreath and the red bologna. Made of stuffed olive leaves and flowers, the laurel wreath signifies a victory and is presented to those, like the recipient in the case of the award, who have distinguished themselves by exhibiting outstanding service in the military. The red bologna, on the other hand, is the traditional emblem for mourning and death, as is the case with military funerals. This, together with the black leather strap that completes the entire look, completes the meaning of the “Ducati” name.

It was a keen observation of Italian art and design that inspired the designers of the new emblem and the new logo. The designers deliberately decided to adopt some stylistic elements from the past. As previously mentioned, for the new emblem and for the new logo, the laurel wreath and the red bologna were retained, but the addition of two golden rays – representing the victory and the cycle of life – was made. These two elements combined to evoke the history of Italy and the way its values have been preserved through time.

The motorcycle company now has many branches, workshops and even stores, all testament to its continuing dedication to producing elegant motorcycles. Each branch of the company is devoted to building bikes that are designed to stand the test of time and that are durable enough to withstand the test of rough roads and extreme riding conditions. For any biker looking for a chance to get up close and personal with these great machines, there are many opportunities to do just that when visiting Dorna or Borgo for their Motorcycle Show. For history lovers and for collectors, there is nothing better than seeing original models in use, and you can bet that your out-of-town friends will be impressed and enthralled when they see the restored motorcycles that you’ll see at either the Dorna or the Borgo exhibit. They may even decide to join in on the fun and come visit your motorcycle shop!