What to wear on a motorcycle date

What to wear on a motorcycle date

When you’re going out with a rider, you shouldn’t be surprised that on the third or fourth date that he (or she) will ask you to go on a motorcycle date with them. And yet I wouldn’t hold it against you if you didn’t see that one coming, because I didn’t either!

I had no idea what to wear on a motorcycle ride with my boyfriend Sam, and it almost ended in disaster because I had zero experience on how to dress myself for the occasion. The only thing that I did get right was that I wore shades and a pair of jeans that day.

Everything else made the date less enjoyable than what it should’ve been. For one, I tried a little too hard in making myself look as clean and attractive as I could. Which in hindsight, didn’t really matter as by the end of the date it’s more about having fun than looking attractive.

If you find yourself in the same situation as me back then or you’re doing me one better by thinking ahead, then these easy tips that I learned on my second date will surely help you out!

  1. Hair

Let’s start from the top! I thought I was pretty smart by putting my hair up in a ponytail, but how wrong I was in thinking that would’ve been enough to keep my hair from going all over the place. I have pretty lengthy hair, I’m sure most of us do these times, and that didn’t work out well with the date.

motorcycle date
motorcycle date

The one thing that could’ve helped was if I had a tight headband. And thinking about it back then, there was an alternative to this that would’ve kept my hair down better while also still being pretty fashionable.

  1. Bandana

I always thought that bandanas were just some fashion sense that the typical Harley Hog had. I never once saw it as a means to help with hair since most of the Hogs I saw were bald or had short hair.

motorcycle date

Color me surprised when on my second motorcycle date that I decided to go for that style and it ended up keeping my hair down better than any bobble!

  1. Helmet
motorcycle date

Of course this was a necessary part of the date and why I said that trying to look attractive was a waste of time, since you’ll be wearing a helmet for the duration of the date. But if you want to show off, then wearing a bucket would be an option. However, it’s not something I would pick for myself since it invites too many risks that I’m not comfortable with.

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  1. Sunglasses

Whether you choose to go with a more protective helmet or a bucket, it’s always good to have sunglasses in-hand. It’ll help in protecting your eyes from all sorts of tiny things coming at you during a ride.

motorcycle date

Speaking of. Ladies, it’s not a good idea to wear any mascara because it won’t stay on. Like I said before, it’s more about having fun and being comfortable than looking your best.

  1. Jacket

When it comes to picking out a jacket, leather ones are the way to go. They fit the aesthetic of the type of date you’re going on and they provide you with enough protection. If you aren’t a fan of leather jackets or you don’t have one, a denim jacket would suffice but it’s not ideal.

motorcycle date

If you do end up loving motorcycle dates and you find yourself going on motorcycles more and more, it’s good to invest in a good quality motorcycle jacket.

Not only are they stylish, but they offer great protection. You would sorely be mistaken if you think that a light summer jacket would be enough to protect you from bugs and other debris flying at you on your ride.

  1. Gloves

Another important part of what to wear on a motorcycle date are gloves. They’re good for protecting your hands from weather conditions, and it helps you tightly hold onto the grab bar of the motorcycle if you aren’t comfortable wrapping your arms around your partner.

And of course they’re quite stylish when paired with a leather jacket. And on the note of these fine accessories, it’s best to go with regular leather gloves and avoid fingerless ones as it’s not ideal.

  1. Pants

I said before how the only thing that I got right was that I wore jeans, but if I’m being honest it wasn’t the best thing I could’ve worn! A nice pair of leather pants would’ve been better, as not only would they protect you from the elements but they’re also quite comfortable.

motorcycle date

If you’re looking for what to wear on a motorcycle ride, then you’d never go wrong in choosing a pair of motorcycle pants.

  1. Shoes

When it came to footwear, I made the big mistake of wearing platform shoes. I like wearing them since I’m a pretty short person, and it became a part of my wardrobe. I didn’t think that was going to be a big problem when it came to the date, but I found that there were a lot of issues in comfortability.

motorcycle date
motorcycle date

On the second date I decided to wear flat shoes instead, which made everything better. And while putting a bit more thought into it, a pair of flat boots would’ve been nice to have as well. Thankfully there’s an assortment of motorcycle boots for men and women to choose from which not only look great with the rest of your attire, but also provide ample protection!

Final thoughts

I do hope that my fumbling first experience helped in some way to let you know what to wear on a motorcycle date.

motorcycle date

And after getting through that mess of a first date and improving on the second time around, me and Sam grow closer together. The idea of slowly changing your choice of attire may put you off the relationship, but for me it’s not about wanting to accommodate my partner on his type of date. Rather, I changed the way I dressed because I love going out on motorcycle rides with him.

I wouldn’t be able to enjoy that experience as much if I stuck to my usual attire. And as I went on more motorcycle rides with Sam, I eventually got myself the proper gear that allowed me to go on longer rides with him.

Cafe hopping is nice on the first date, and it’s what I would recommend for riders to do for their partners who aren’t used to motorcycle dates.

And on that note, it would be amazing if you guys pitched in by reminding your partner about the proper get-up. You would save a lot of trouble for them and a lot of panicking! It would also be great if you had a spare helmet and pair of gloves just in the case your partner forgets.

But it’s best if you get your own helmet and gloves. Your partner isn’t psychic and I doubt that they’ll know your sizes that well. So, for the best comfortability on your date, you should have your own helmet and gloves!

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