Motorcycle Tire Balancing Beads

Motorcycle Tire Balancing Beads

Balancing beads for tires is a specific item with only one use, but you’d be surprised to know how much mileage you can get from your tires after using them for yourself. They’re better than sand, water, or steel BBs since they use a material that won’t scrape or erode your tire.

If you’re looking to find a way to balance your tires, beads are the way to go, and we have a list of the best motorcycle tire balancing beads for you to pick from.

What are balancing beads and why are they important?

Tire balancing beads are used to continuously balance your tires as you drive, ensuring a smooth ride. The importance of proper balance in your motorcycle tires is to avoid uneven wear on them which can lead to dangerous driving conditions for yourself that can result in loss of control.

So if you do feel that your tires are unbalanced, you should get some beads in your tires. You also shouldn’t just get any kind of balancing beads, choose ones that are made from tempered glass with a hydrophobic coating that repels moisture and prevents the beads from clumping together.

Top 10 Best Tire Balancing Beads

Magnum Plus Tire Balancing Beads

The Magnum+ promises a proper and consistent balance for your tires. Made completely from tempered glass, it ensures that the balancing beads will not break apart, disintegrate, or absorb moisture while in your tires. The Magnum+ also won’t freeze and clump together, which makes it and other balancing beads a better alternative to both sand and fluids.

Additionally, the Magnum+ balancing beads remove any vibrations from your tires that were caused by heavy spots. This helps in keeping consistent tread wear on your motorcycle tires which will increase their longevity. The Magnum+ also helps in improving your gas mileage.

You can use the Magnum+ in any type of tire, from all-terrain vehicles to any sports utility vehicle. Of course, Magnum+ is also usable on motorcycle tires, in fact, you can also use it on dirt bike tires.

Lastly, the Magnum+ comes in a 280-ounce tub for $119.95 on Amazon, which is way more than what you need for your motorcycle tires.

Product details
Material100% Tempered glass
Tire service typeSUV, Commercial Truck, Van, Passenger Car, ATV, Off-road tires, motorcycle tires
Weight281.6oz / 17.6lb / 8kg

Counteract Tire Balancing Beads (KIT-D)

The Counteract is a series of balancing beads with a variety of usage outside of motorcycle tires. But what separates Counteract from a lot of other balancing bead products on this list is that it has a list of kits exclusively catered to one or two vehicles. This ensures that you’re using the right type and size of balancing bead for your tires.

In the case of Counteract, their D Kit is exclusively used for motorcycle tires. It’s made from recyclable tempered glass for the sake of being environmentally friendly, and it comes in 2 packs of 2 ounces.

Just like with all balancing beads, the Counteract increases the longevity of your tires. Counteract has also been tested and shown to increase fuel efficiency by 2.2%, which decreases your bike’s fuel consumption.

Additionally, the material of the Counteract prevents it from clumping together in cold climates, which avoids creating heavy spots in your tire. It also repels moisture, which also avoids your beads from sticking together.

Product details
Material99.9% Tempered glass 
Tire service typeMotorcycle tires
Weight2oz / 0.125lb / 0.05kg

Counteract Tire Balancing Beads Kit (DIYK-3)

Another product series from Counteract, this time their multipurpose bags that can be used on all types of tires, including but of course not limited to motorcycle tires.

Their DIY balancing beads kits or simply DIYK-3 is a full kit that includes 4 valve caps, 4 valve cores, 1 core remover, and an injector bottle. It is a complete set that allows you to properly insert the beads inside your tires. The DIYK-3 also comes in a configurable size and packaging style on amazon. From 3 ounces to 116 ounces in size, and 2 to 6 bags in packaging style. They also have a semi-kit version that’s 116oz with double the amount of cores and valves.

Like with all Counteract products, the DIYK-3’s balancing beads are made from tempered glass, which provides ample weight while ensuring that the material doesn’t clump together or absorb moisture. Additionally, the balancing beads have no effect on your tires unlike steel BBs and tire fluids.

Product details
Material100% Tempered glass
Tire service typeMotorcycle tires, ATV, UTVs, SUV, commercial trucks
Weight3~116oz / 0.20~7lb / 0.08~3kg

E-Z Tire Beads Ceramic Balancing Beads

If you already have a kit for your balancing beads and you’re just looking to buy more, then E-Z Tire Beads has the item for you. They simply sell single 10-ounce bags of balancing beads that can be used on trucks to motorcycles.

Unlike the previous items on this list, E-Z Tire Beads’ balancing beads are made from ceramic. In most cases, it would absorb water but not with the E-Z Tire Beads. This is because it used high-fired ceramic, which is known to not absorb water. It’s also much more durable.

The E-Z Tire Beads ceramic balancing beads also have the feature of not being harmful to your tires, as the ceramic material doesn’t cause any reactions on your rubber tires. Like with all good quality balancing beads, E-Z Tire Beads improves your fuel efficiency as well as help in prolonging the life of your tires by making sure that the tread wear is even.

Product details
Tire service typeMotorcycle, truck, 4×4 car
Weight10oz / 0.62lb / 0.28kg

Counteract Motorcycle Balancing Service Pack (MSKP3)

The bulk purchase to end all bulk purchases. Counteract’s service pack is perfect for people who have a lot of bikes in their garage. Or for those who enjoy fixing other people’s bikes as a hobby/sideline.

Regardless of which one, the service pack – also known as the MSKP3 – is good to have in your garage. With a 60 ounce bucket that also has 20 valve caps and cores, you will no longer have to worry about running out of valve capes or cores for your tires. Of course, you’ll especially never run out of beads.

The MSKP3’s balancing beads are made purely for the purpose of motorcycle tires. It even has a chart that shows the different ounces required for certain styles and types of motorcycle tires.

The material of the MSKP3’s balancing beads is made from reusable and recyclable tempered glass. As we know, tempered glass doesn’t absorb moisture, which means that the beads won’t clump together. It’s also rather durable. These two key features are what make tempered glass a superior alternative to other forms of tire balance.

Product details
Material99.9% Tempered glass
Tire service typeMotorcycle
Weight60oz / 3.75lb / 1.7kg

Esco Tire Balancing Beads

The Esco 20466C is another bulk purchase item that you can find on Amazon. It is a 282-ounce bucket filled with ceramic balancing beads. It’s great for automobiles, ATVs, and of course motorcycles. It also works on other vehicles like trucks and RVs.

Buying in bulk has the benefit of cutting costs since it’s a lot cheaper than having to constantly purchase packs – which is a concern for people with more than one vehicle in their garage. If you’re in that kind of situation, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle by buying Esco or any bulk balancing beads packs.

But how does the Esco perform? It performs what you’d expect with any good balancing beads. Since it’s made from high-fired ceramic, it won’t crumble to dust in your tires. It also won’t absorb any moisture that will cause heavy spots in your tire, it’ll remain dry and provide even tread wear on your tires.

Product details
Tire service typeMotorcycle, ATV, RV, Automobile
Weight282oz / 17.6lb / 8kg

E-Z Tire Beads 4 pack Ceramic Beads with Kit

Bulk purchasing isn’t always the best call though, which is why the E-Z Tire Beads 4 pack is a great alternative if you want to buy ceramic balancing beads. It even comes with a core remover, tube, and applicator bottle to help apply the balancing beads in your tire. However, it doesn’t come with any replacement cores and valve caps.

Just by its name, this item comes in 4 bags of 2 ounces – which is enough for a single car or two motorcycles. A single purchase of this is all you need, given that you only have a single-vehicle. This is because the 4 pack is reusable.

Made from high-fired ceramic, the 4 pack is so durable that it will outlast a lot of your tires. It also doesn’t accrue moisture which avoids creating heavy spots in your tire. Lastly, like with all good tire balancing beads, the E-Z Tire Beads 4 pack creates even tread wear on your tire which increases your fuel efficiency.

Product details
Tire service typeMotorcycle, automobile, ATVs
Weight8oz / 0.5lb / 0.1kg

Counteract Centrifugal Force Balancing Beads

The Counteract Centrifugal Force balancing beads are items that you can purchase on Amazon. Like with some amazing Counteract items, the Centrifugal Force balancing beads come in a category of sorts. Wherein you can customize your purchase in terms of weight and packaging.

You can use the Centrifugal Force balancing beads on your truck tires, off-road vehicles, and naturally, you can apply them on your motorcycles.

Made from tempered glass, the Centrifugal Force balancing beads are durable and nonreactive. This means that you can reuse them and that they won’t cause any harm to your tires. What they will do though is provide a smooth ride for you, which will keep the tread wear on your tires uniform while increasing your fuel efficiency.

Lastly, the Centrifugal Force balancing beads come with valve caps and cores in each bag. This was done so that each pack is good for one tire.

Product details
MaterialTempered glass
Tire service typeMotorcycle, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, SUVs
Weight3~20oz / 0.18~1.25lb / 0.08~0.56kg

ECO Balance Tire Balancing Beads

ECO Balance’ DIY balancing beads kit or simply DIY-6 is another product that offers a category of different sizes and packaging styles. Although not as customizable as Counteract’ Centrifugal Force, it gets the job done. In fact, the DIY-6 may even be better as it comes with an injector bottle.

The rest of the kit of the DIY-6 is a core remover, 4 valve caps and cores, and of course the balancing bead bags which can come in either pack of 4 or packs of 2, with the size that ranges from 3 ounces to 10 ounces.

From its brand name alone, the DIY-6 is environmentally friendly. It’s for this reason why their balancing beads are made from 99.9% tempered glass, as it is both reusable and recyclable. And like with all good balancing beads, the DIY-6 improves the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle while providing a smooth and even ride.

Product details
Material99.9% Tempered glass
Tire service typeMotorcycle, automobiles, ATVs, trucks
Weightoz / lb / kg

TyreBeads Tire Balancing Beads

The TyreBeads tire balancing beads is the most affordable balancing beads kit we have to offer, second only to E-Z Tire Beads. It offers 4 bags of 3 ounces along with an applicator kit that has an injector bottle, a core remover, and 4 valve caps and cores.

The balancing beads of the TyreBeads are on par with other balancing beads on this list that are also made from ceramic. It evens the tread wear on your tires, which goes a long way into prolonging its life. It also improves the mileage you get, as the beads help in increasing your bike’s fuel efficiency.

Product details
Tire service typeMotorcycle, ATVs, trucks, automobiles
Weight12oz / 0.75lb / 0.3kg

Buying Guide


When buying balancing beads, price is often not much of a concern. These items are fairly cheap and it’s something you often forget after applying on your motorcycle. However, for those who sport a lot of bikes and other vehicles, buying in bulk almost becomes a necessity. In which case, it’s a lot cheaper to do than buying packs upon packs.


There are two distinct materials on this list, which are ceramic and tempered glass. There are steel balancing beads, but we didn’t include them as they’re generally bad for motorcycle tires.

In terms of which material is better, our money is on tempered glass. Although durable and reusable, high-fired ceramic will crumble into powder over time. This will cause it to absorb moisture and create heavy spots in your tire. With tempered glass, you don’t get that problem.


Durability is an asset that’s first and foremost when it comes to balancing beads since it entails how long they’ll last in your tires without needing to be replaced. As a general rule, the best balancing beads are ones made from tempered glass. Ceramics are good, but they won’t last you as long as tempered glass balancing beads would.


Are Balancing beads a better alternative to balance weights?

Yes! Unlike with balance weights that are applied on the rims of your tire which fall off over time, you won’t lose your balancing beads as they’re inside your tire.

How many balancing beads should I apply to my tire?

The general rule of thumb is to apply 1 ounce per 10-12 pounds of tire. So the average 30-pound motorcycle tire will need 3 ounces of balancing beads applied to it.

Where to buy good balancing beads

Amazon is an amazing place that has all of the balancing beads we talked about for sale. And there’s a lot more than what’s on this list.

You can also purchase some balancing beads from their store, such as Counteract that have their own site that has all of their different balancing beads up for purchase.


When it comes to choosing the right tire balancing bead for your motorcycle, pick one that’s suited for it. All of the balancing beads on this can be applied on your motorcycle tires, but only Counteract has a type of kit with balancing beads that are customized for motorcycle tires. This is why our top pick for the best balancing beads kit is the Kit-D from Counteract.

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